Audio: Adam Carolla's Anti Occupy Wall Street Rant – Pride Before The Fall?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Radio host Adam Carolla’s seems to be getting his first experience with the effects of pride, vanity, jealousy, envy, shame, revenge, wealth, and fame.

It’s all so Hollywood.

Last week he took to his radio show to rant about this whole occupy Wall Street movement, and it seems he deserves everything he has and all the problems we are having are OUR fault for not working hard enough and having low paying jobs.

Our troubles seem to have nothing to do with the greed, corruption, power and influence the uber wealthy have unleashed on an unsuspecting working class.

Carolla seems to take the typical Hollywood line when he tries to explain his frustration - taking the approach that “I earned it now leave me alone and go back to your bad day job, little house, fat wife and ugly kids.”

He seems to blame our woes on a culture where every kid on the soccer team gets a trophy – just for participating, and the real star of the game doesn’t get any special attention.

No Adam, you are not King and we will not bow down to worship you for your hard work and big bank account.

He views the current problem as a bunch of “self-entitled people” who are envious of others with wealth and all they want to do is throw rocks at our nice expensive toys.”

Now, this is pig man Adam Carolla talking here – the guy who bashed women and made rude and crude jokes on the “Man Show” to earn part of his fortune.

Adam’s Occupy Wall Street movement rant on his radio program showed us what we suspected all along – Carolla doesn’t seem to get why 99% of the public are frustrated these days.

It’s not ALL about you and your influence and money Adam. Here is the uncensored interview:

Yes Adam, it is as old as the Bible - especially the part where it says “Pride comes before the fall and a haughty spirit before the destruction.”

Maybe you just haven’t got to that part yet.

You are in a privileged class but seem unable to identify with those who have lost their job, home, retirement savings, etc., due to the greed and corruption by the banks, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, and our own Government.

You have your money so to hell with everybody else.

Your pride has become a little puffed up and even YOU flaunt your fame, money, and toys in an effort to impress.

Shame shame shame.

I’m surprised you didn’t take the line from Marie Antoinette where she said “Let them eat cake”.

Adam, the rich and powerful never understand why the poor hard working salt of the earth doth protest too much.

And yes, it is as old as the Bible.

Now you should read the rest of the good book where it talks about men and their money, power, and influence – pay close attention to the part where it cautions men about wallowing in their own gains while forgetting about the rest of the world’s problems.

Good riddance Adam Carolla. You and Howard Stern are like two peas in a pod, and we’re sorry that our countries problems have interfered with your fun.

And we’re not envious – we’re frustrated. Frustrated that people like you can earn what you do for being such a jackass.

Don’t let the size of your paycheck cloud your compassion, wisdom, empathy, and perceived talent.

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