According to Harvey

Monday, November 14, 2011

Apparently baby shampoo is the second harshest shampoo on the market.  Who'd have thought?  It's terrible.  Anyway.  If you color your hair this tip is for you.  Have you ever come home from the salon and your color is WAAAAAY too dark?  And you have to wait a few weeks for it to calm down?  I've got a secret for you!

Get in the shower, wash your hair with baby shampoo and leave it in for five minutes.  Rinse and condition.  The chemicals in the baby shampoo will open your cuticle, release some of the color and the conditioner will seal it right back up.  Your hair will be ONE shade lighter than what you had before.  And don't worry about using the baby shampoo on your hair, one time won't damage anything.

It's just as good as going into the salon, getting under the sink and having a stylist work on you.  Pretty sweet huh?!

Let's all say thanks Harvey.  Together now- THANKS HARVEY!