All about BRAIDS!

Monday, November 28, 2011

We're talking braids people.  If you would like to know how to do braids on yourself, you can purchase The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook in ebook form or paperback!  There are step-by-step PICTURE tutorials on how to do each braid on yourself and the books come with video tutorials!

There are essentially 5 different types of braids.  You've got the classic braid, including the french braid and the boho braid, you've got the fishtail and the rope braid.

The classic braid is made from three sections of hair.  Obviously!  What's nice is that the classic braid is totally back in style.  They are no longer associated with old school pioneer hairstyles.

Stemming off the classic braid is the french braid.

French braiding is extremely popular right now and can easily be done on yourself.  With lots of practice and patience!  French braiding has been around for centuries- for good reason.  It keeps the hair out of the face, it's quick and easy, the style can look formal or casual depending on how the braid is done and let's face it.  It can look totally soft and gorgeous!

Another branch off the classic braid is the boho braid.

Can you tell the difference between the boho braid and a regular french braid?  Instead of the braid lying underneath, the braid is sitting on top.  If you're used to regular french braiding, the boho braid can be tricky.  You've got to teach your hands to braid OVER instead of under.  These braids create wonderful texture.

The next type of braid is the fishtail braid.  

Fishtails are absolutely fabulous.  They can look super messy or sleek and sophisticated.  The fishtail looks intricate and tricky to do, but with a bit of practice becomes nearly as easy to create as a regular three-strand braid.  Like most braids, it looks a little bit better slightly messy, so if you mess up while trying to create the fishtail braid- no worries!

The next style is the rope braid- created by twisting two strands of hair together.

Rope braids can be simple or intricate.  This is what I call the
waterfall twist.

Rope braids can be fast and simple.  I think they're great for holding bangs back and keeping hair out of your face.

Braids are wonderful in the fact that they can easily be done by yourself.  They camouflage greasy roots or messy, tangled hair, and if you're growing your bangs out, braids are perfect for keeping them out of your face.  Braids create so much texture and look awesome.

What's your favorite type of braid?  Do you struggle with doing one or all of them?!