It's An Adorable Life

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

While I was sitting outside watching my kids play yesterday, I realized something. 
I realized that they are growing up. 
I was watching Lexie run down our long driveway......she looked SO tall!!

 When did that happen??

Last night, Ethan was reading a book to me. He read the whole book.....big words and all.

He didn't need my help.

 When did this happen?

I started thinking......Do I really take it "ALL" in EVERY. DAY

 The way that their little voices sound. 
 The way that their little hands feel in mine. 
 The way that they fit perfectly, snuggled in my lap. 
 The way that they want to shower me with hugs and kisses. 
 The way they say "I love you" a zillion times a day. 

 The way that they are at this very moment in time.

Do I take the time to sit and just be present EVERY. DAY??
Or am I too worried about the dishes. the laundry. the other stuff??

If I died tomorrow, what would I want my last day on earth to look like??
Do you ever REALLY think about that question?
Are you living your days doing the things that you love, with the people that you love most??
Or are you waiting for another day??  

A day when the housework is caught up?  

A day when all your obligations are met?  

A day when everything else is done??

Respect the people that find time for you in their busy schedule.
LOVE the people who NEVER look at their schedule when it's important to you!!!

I spend WAY to much time saying... 
"Not right now."
"After I get finished with this."
"Maybe tomorrow."
"Maybe next weekend."

When I should be saying...
"I would LOVE to!"
"That sounds great!"

What would your world look like, if you didn't even have to think about it, and you just said, 


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